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Japan Quarantine Process

Japan Quarantine Process


I love, love, LOVE how many of you dog moms out there always ask questions and check in on my lil’ dude. I got a few messages about his quarantine process over the last few weeks, so I wanted to share a few things about the process with everyone :) (linking my Japan Q+A here which goes more in depth about our move❣️) The quarantine process is NOT AT ALL what I imagined. I thought my dog was going to be held in a cell like a sick animal with the possibility of not even being let in 😂 it sounds so scary, but the reality is, it’s been super easy!

📆 QUARANTINE (in this context), means a period of isolated time in which your animal is clear of any diseases and viruses not allowed into the country (every country is different).

🗾 Japan is strict because they are an island and have to protect their gorgeous eco-system! They actually don’t have regulations on the TYPE of dog you bring (from my understanding), as long as he doesn’t pose a threat to their ecosystem (hence the quarantine process)!

🦠 Japan’s quarantine process is 180 days - which you are allowed to start HERE in the States! You can start here because the process (like mentioned before) is just a series of shots, stool, and blood testing which ensures our little man passes their regulations.

If your dog does not complete the process by the time you are moving to Japan, your dog will be quarantined - but wait! It’s not at all what you think! If you are military affiliated, you dog is just held at the dog kennel on base until the process is done. He is still allowed in Japan, and he is still allowed on base, he just can’t leave base until the process is over. For us, Gus will still be quarantined for 2 weeks, but he’s basically at doggy-day care during that time :)

⏰ The process is a little stressful because everything is time sensitive + has to be given in a specific order, specific time window, and signed by specific people at the vet + the Department of Agriculture.

✅ We have a printout that gave us a checklist, and worked closely with our vets to make sure everything went smoothly. We adore our family at Mission Valley Pet Clinic - If you’re in SD I couldn’t recommend the wonderful women at this clinic enough!! 💞

I hope it helps anyone else moving overseas with a pet + clears up what quarantine really is! I’m happy to go more into the specifics if it would help anyone. If you have any questions or advice, please shoot them below! 🤗🤗

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